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Are you busy? At work, home, or anywhere and can't do alot - then we are your solution

First Care House helps and Babysitting Agency is a nationwide recruitment agency focused on providing nannies, newborn care specialists, and inspiring role models for globally-minded and progressive families.

We go to the ends of the earth for our clients and pride ourselves in finding unicorns.

Our nannies and Babysitters become trusted partners for your family, fostering your child’s creativity and planting the seeds for lifelong learning. Our role is to support parents who are pursuing their passions and their best selves while knowing that their children are doing the same in the engaged and interactive care of a First Care Nanny. We are proud to work with and represent families and candidates from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We provide experienced and professionally screened House helps, Drivers and nannies for your kids and elderly people, chef/cooks, cleaners and caretakers

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Our experience with First Care Nannies has been nothing short of amazing. Their ideas for activities with the girls continue to impress us, and our girls absolutely love your nanny.  She has enriched our lives in many ways, and we hope our relationship with her continues long into the future. She has become a member or family, and we can’t wait for upcoming adventures with her.

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To provide Meaningful Solutions for people with Busy Sechedules


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